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 » Joyce Dalton’s 49th Annual Recital is June 9 at Centerville H.S.

– Tap, Jazz, Ballet/Lyrical, Baton Twirling, Hawaiian, Musical Theatre, Acrobatic
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Expression Through Dance

We not only hope to teach you dancing and / or twirling, but also to develop self-confidence, grace, body coordination, memorization skills, rhythm, and eye / hand coordination with baton and flag. In addition, a healthy competitive spirit and the opportunity for artistic expression!  My dream studio at last!!  It has two large 40×40 teaching dance rooms, wood floors, mirrors, etc.!  We can have Production Practice at the studio!  No more band room!   I am so excited!  Although, when I moved into my present studio, I thought that was my dream studio, except I wanted larger dance rooms!  Now, here it is!  We have it all!!  Join us!

Would Love to Hear From You!

It is time to think about “DANCE”-”BATON”-” FLAG TWIRLING”!!!!
Whether you are a past, present or future student please visit…  We Would Love To See You!!!

Tap…Jazz…Ballet…Baton Twirling…Hawaiian…Flag…Rifle